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UNDERWATER SPEAKER PORTABLE, for synchronized swimming and relaxing music in the water.

Underwater Speaker

Mausound specialist in the installation of underwater speakers!

Underwater speakers are ideal for physical motor activities, to be performed in water, for which it is necessary to have music, the activities are as follows:

Synchronized swimming
Fin swimming
Free swimming (why not!)
Underwater hockey
The speaker is designed to deliver a very high broadband sound pressure which allows perfect intelligibility of music and speech with a remarkable balance between high and low frequencies, so as to reproduce music even where nothing is heard: under ‘water!

The underwater speakers thanks to a proven technique of sound production, adapts perfectly to underwater conditions, allows a good sound quality and a good understanding of the spoken language, as well as a high resistance to pressure levels. The speaker has the task of sounding the environments immersed in water, in fact the diffusion and perception of sound under water is completely different from the propagation of sound in the air. In water everything is less perceptible and sensitive. A correct installation would be to place not only one  speaker but for example, for a synchronized swimming activity, it is advisable to place more than one speaker in the underwater area concerned. The athletes who must follow the rhythm of the music with the movement in the midst of high noises of water, must be able to clearly follow the musical beats during the immersion part. Above the surface of the water however, the sound coming from the speakers placed in the submerged part is null. In these situations it is essential to have a sound system out of the water for listening to the instructors and any public, but for those who have to stay in the water, this system is not enough, therefore an underwater sound diffusion system is necessary.

With our BATTERY POWERED TROLLEY AMPLIFIER and n ° 2 AKUASOUND underwater speakers, you can play a swimming pool 50 meters long and 10 lanes wide

Below is a model of underwater audio speaker that you can buy HERE

Here you can listen to it

Technical description:
Underwater Speaker, AKUASOUND
The characteristics of these underwater speaker  have been designed and built to have the best acoustic performance in the water, and to be used with any audio amplifier, which is powered by mains or battery power as with our amplified speaker on trolley.


Cassa Subacquea fissa_fixed underwater speker
fixed underwater speaker


FEATURE very important and unique, this underwater speaker is repairable.

Available with cable length 8 meters and 16 meters
– Maximum power: 100W rms
– Impedance: 8 ohms
– External diameter 179 mm
– Thickness 36mm
– Weight 2.3 Kg

User Manual underwater speaker

HERE you can listen and see it working



This AKUASOUND underwater speaker is made of PVC by working from solid, it contains a vibrating membrane in carbon fiber. These types of material and construction concept have never been used by any manufacturer. The diffuser is suitably worked, an oversized coil, the magnetic circuit designed to concentrate all the force at the center of the turns. All these technical details provide the AKUASOUND underwater speaker with unmatched sound efficiency in the water. Request detailed information for the AKUASOUND underwater speaker, without obligation we are available for functional tests and performance in water.

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