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underwater speaker in_wall
underwater speaker in_wall

underwater speaker in_wall


Here is the PAR56 Underwater Speaker, for fixed installation in swimming pools. The particular novelty is that you can mount it in any PAR 56 lamp or LED niche, of any model you have in stock or any niche that you already find mounted in the pool. This PAR 56 UNDERWATER Speaker, you can simply put in place of the lamp, that’s why you can use it with all types of lighting systems for swimming pools. It adapts perfectly to the lamp housing, so there is no need to intervene in any way on the niche or on the lamp holder of any brand and model, it occupies the same volume as a PAR56 lamp, dimensions and dimensions are the same as the lamp, same fixing system . That’s why this innovative PAR 56 UNDERWATER Speaker, simplifies installation and reduces costs. The PAR 56 UNDERWATER Speaker can be adapted to the existing systems of swimming pools, spas, spas and wellness centers, and wherever music in the water is required in swimming pools for water therapy, relaxation and therapeutic use. The acoustic quality is recognized “FANTASTIC” by anyone who has tried it. Non-invasive design, it adapts to every aesthetic need, available, on request, in every RAL color.

The image is representative of the loudspeaker, mounted in its niche, only the loudspeaker is supplied, we recommend that you send us your niche and we, at our office, assemble the loudspeaker in the niche. We can supply the whole set already assembled, with the additional cost of the niche.

you can buy it HERE

Technical description:
For all low-frequency hi-fi audio and portable battery amplifiers, the characteristics of these underwater loudspeaker loudspeakers have been designed and built to have the best acoustic performance in the water.
FEATURE very important and unique, this underwater diffuser is repairable.
– Maximum power: 100W rms
– Impedance: 8 ohms
– External diameter 160 mm
– Thickness 50 mm
– Weight 2.2 Kg

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