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L-PAD 6X 6 CHANNEL MIXING CONSOLE WITH EFFECTS With two transparent sound mic inputs, two stereo line inputs and the 2tk in/out, L-PAD6X is the ideal tool for one man bands, speech, background music diffusion and parties.The 16-preset Internal FX DSP allows the sound to be improved, adding accurate and warm effects. Thanks to the accurate Italian design L-PAD6X is easy to grab and handle in all the situations. It is possible to install L-PAD6X on a mic stand with the dedicated accessories. APPLICATIONS • Bands • Speech • Background music • Small gigs • One-man band FEATURES 2 mono INPUT + 2 stereo INPUT 3band/2band EQ 1 FX send Internal Digital Effects: 99 preset External PSU 18V~ 1000mA ELECTRONIC SPECS. Frequency Response: 10 Hz ÷ 55 kHz Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N): 0.03% % INPUTS Mic: 2 Gain range: 0 dB ÷ -50 dB Phantom Power +48V: Yes Mono Line: 2 Gain range: 15 dB ÷ -35 dB Stereo Line: 2 2 Track: Yes Stereo Return: 1 OUTPUTS Main MIX: 1 Control Room: Yes FX Send: 1 Phones: 1 2 Track: Yes EQ BANDS on MONO channels: 3 +/-15dB @12kHz shelving, +/-15dB @2.5Hz, +/-15dB @80Hz shelving BANDS on STEREO channels: 2 +/-15dB @12kHz shelving, +/-15dB @80Hz shelving AUXILIARY SENDS FX: 1 POST INTERNAL EFFECTS Height: 16 OTHER FEATURES Footswitch: Yes ELECTRICAL SPECS. Power supply: External Power requirements: 100-240 V Power consumption: 17 W CABINET Cabinet Material: ABS Colour: Black PHISICAL SPECIFICATION Height: 66.3/2.61 mm/inch Width: 197.3/7.77 mm/inch Depth: 281.3/11.07 mm/inch Net Weight: 1.325/2.97 Kg/Lbs